Anabaptist Communicators Conference 2014: Are Anabaptists ready to go big?

October 24 and 25, 2014 at Mennonite Central Committee's Welcoming Place

What is “the good news” that Anabaptism brings to a weary world today? What hope do Anabaptists bring to a world full of fear, dislocation, conflict, climate change and economic inequity? What are our roles and mission as Anabaptist communicators?

What is the “unique selling proposition” of Anabaptism, and are we ready to promote that message? Who needs to hear and experience it?

These questions and more will be explored from a communicator’s perspective through storytelling, learning and interaction.

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Thursday, October 23

Meeting House editors meet during the day

Dining Hall

5:00-6:30 pm        Check-in. Times subject to change based on arrival times.

5:30-6:30          Dinner. People arriving later will need to drive their own vehicles to local restaurants

(map provided).


Friday, October 24

Dining Hall

7:30-8:30 am     Breakfast

7:30-8:30 am     Check-in 


Upper Assembly Room

8:30-9 am         Welcome, introductions, announcements

                        Worship led by Emily Morgan Ralph

                        Keynote session 1: Barth Hague and Todd Wynward


Upper foyer

10:30-11 am      Break


Upper Assembly Room

11 am-noon      Keynote
session 2


Dining Hall

Noon-1             Lunch


Front of Dining Hall

1-4:30 pm         Depart for off-site visits; return to the MCC Meeting Place

5 pm                 Depart for banquet and program


Eastern Mennonite Missions Meetinghouse

6-9 pm              A trip to Afghanistan via Myanmar (Burma): Banquet and program

Sheryl Sensenig Martin; banquet catered by Karen people of

Habecker’s Mennonite Church


Saturday, October 25

Dining Hall

7:30-8:30 am     Breakfast


Upper Assembly Room

9-9:30 am         Welcome, announcements


9:30-10:30 am   Keynote session 3


Upper foyer

10:30-11 am      Break


Upper Assembly Room

11-noon            Keynote session 4


Dining Hall

Noon-1 pm       Lunch


Various rooms

1-2:30               Professional group breakouts


Upper foyer

2:30- 3 pm        Break


Various rooms

3-4:30 pm         Seminars


Upper Assembly Room

5-6:30 pm         Dinner, business meeting, wrap up

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