In the 1970s and early '80s a group of Mennonite agencies involved in radio and television production worked cooperatively to produce national media campaigns. Known as the Inter-Mennonite Media Group (IMMG), the organization worked successfully for many years.

With the deregulation of radio and television in the U.S. as well as reduced church media budgets, interest in IMMG waned. By 1984, IMMG members considered a new organization with a new mandate, serving a much wider range of communication professionals. In December of that year, the Council on Church and Media (CCM) was created as a non-profit, church-related organization. In October of 2007, the organization changed its name to Anabaptist Communicators.

Today, Anabaptist Communicators continues to serve broadcasters, writers, editors, filmmakers, videographers, artists, graphic designers, journalists, web designers, marketers, publishers, educators, pastors, administrators, and others interested in media. Members include professionals who work in church, para-church and non-church communications.